Ai Based Traffic Management
Ai Based Traffic Management and Security Solutions

Design and create computer vision apps based on artificial intelligence for all types of video analytics.

Traffic Management and Security Solutions
Automatic Number-Plate Recognition

Our automatic number plate recognition device works perfectly to read each type of number plate with greate accuracy during the day as at night time. It supports all types of installations whether for entry exit points or high-speed traffic on highways

Anti Violation Detection Device
Anti Violation Detection Device

Our violation detection device is powered by the most advanced computer vision technology to detect multiple traffic violations. High-end radar used in it is capable of getting the speed of vehicles moving at very high speeds. E-challan integration helps authorities to issue challan automatically for traffic violators

Vehicle Mounted Radar Based Device
Vehicle Mounted Radar Based Device for Interceptor

Most advanced vehicle top-mounted radar technology-based device works in completely autonomous manner to detect traffic rule violations of all types. It scans all the vehiclespassing through the ROI of the camera and checks for traffic violations. 4D radar technology helps to target multiple vehicles simultaneously.

FRS enterprise
Face Recognition

FRS enterprise built on our patented Neural compute platform, it delivers the most accurate detection and recognition in the industry for attendance management system. It can be easily deployed on an existing or new cctv ecosystem and can identify faces that aedicule to recognize with in common video surveillance technology.


Frequently asked questions

AI-based traffic management is a system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor and manage traffic flow. AI can be used to collect data from a variety of sources, such as traffic cameras, sensors, and social media, to identify traffic patterns and congestion. This data can then be used to optimize traffic signals, reroute traffic, and provide real-time traffic information to drivers.

There are many benefits to using AI-based traffic management, including:
  • Reduced Congestion: AI-based traffic management can help to reduce traffic congestion by optimizing traffic flow and rerouting traffic
  • Improved Safety: AI-based traffic management can help to improve safety by identifying and addressing hazardous traffic conditions.
  • Reduced Emissions: AI-based traffic management can help to reduce emissions by reducing congestion and improving traffic flow.
  • Increased Efficiency: AI-based traffic management can help to make transportation systems more efficient by reducing travel times and improving fuel efficiency.

There are a few challenges that need to be addressed in order to implement AI-based traffic management, including:
  • Data Collection: AI-based traffic management systems require a large amount of data to be collected and analyzed. This data can come from a variety of sources, and it can be difficult to integrate and analyze all of this data effectively.
  • Model Development: AI-based traffic management systems rely on machine learning models to predict traffic patterns and congestion. Developing these models can be complex and time-consuming.
  • Deployment and Integration: AI-based traffic management systems need to be deployed and integrated with existing transportation systems. This can be a complex and challenging process.

Stackerbee Technologies offers a range of AI-based traffic management services, including:
  • Custom AI-based Traffic Management System Development: We can develop custom AI-based traffic management systems to meet your specific needs and requirements.
  • AI-based Traffic Management System Integration: We can integrate AI-based traffic management systems with your existing transportation systems and equipment
  • AI-based Traffic Management System Training and Support: We can provide training and support for